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We complete almost all manufacturing processes within our facilities which means that “No compromise on quality of the instruments.


Why GoldenTouch Surgico.

We are committed to provide high-quality products, with no compromise on quality care. We provide medical and beauty products in Europe, Asia, Africa and USA.

Our Mission

GoldenTouch Surgico is dedicated to be the leading provider of surgical and beauty care instruments by demonstrating our commitment to excellence and by delivering a superior craftsmanship of specialty products ensuring quality care.

Our Vision

To transform the medical and beauty care communities where every living being is provided the best and equal quality care.


Tc Gold

Instruments designed to be used and stay for longer period.

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Eyes Instruments

Instruments used in Eye Care and surgeries.

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Diagnostics and Laryngoscope

Tools used for diagnosis procedures.

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We are Manufacturer & Exporter of 100% high Quality
Beauty Surgical & Dental instruments

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Manufacture Quality Products

Finishing and Polishing Instruments are used to finish and polish Surgical material surfaces to improve their aesthetic quality.
We are engaged in the manufacturing of top quality instruments and are exporting to our valued customers throughout the world. We are manufacturing instruments in a high quality controlled environment and use top quality imported machine under the supervision of fully qualified professionals. We also have top quality research lab in our facility to assess the quality of instruments at each and every stage.
All of our catalogues and publications are available for download. If you want to receive these catalogues by mail, please use our Documentation Request Form.
We use top quality medical grade stainless steel to produce our high quality instruments.